Ballet is the core foundation for dance training. It provides many physical and mental benefits such as increased flexibility and strength, sense of artistry and performance, development of self esteem and rhythm. 

Children can start ballet with us from 2 years old in one of our Pre-School classes. Once they have started school they then progress to our ISTD graded classes following the ISTD classical ballet syllabus. At this age they will learn very basic Ballet steps and positions in a fun and relaxed environment. These ballet classes are great for developing social interaction between other children and a sense of rhythm, timing and co-ordination.  Our pre-school classes are  exciting and engaging with the use of props, storytelling and mimes to help start their journey into the beautiful world of Ballet.

As pupils get older they continue to work their way through the Imperial Classical Ballet Grades building on the steps that they have already learnt. Steps become more complex and enchainment’s become harder which is a great way for pupils to develop more strength, flexibility and co-ordination. Once the correct level has been attained students are encouraged to progress onto ISTD examinations in the grades. 

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