What should my child wear to their first lesson?

I understand you will want to make sure your child enjoys their classes before buying uniform. I am therefore more than happy for children to wear own clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in for the first few lessons. Leggings, tracksuit bottoms and t- shirts or vests are fine. Girls may like to wear a skirt or dress for ballet classes. Once they have settled into the class pupils are expected to be in the correct uniform 1 month after starting. Click here to view our uniform list. 

Can we watch dance classes?

From experience I feel children work better and concentrate more without parents being in the room. You are more than welcome to bring young children into the dance room and get them settled before leaving them. Parents are welcome to wait outside the hall whilst the lessons take place. There will be chairs in the corridor that you will be able to sit on or there is a park next door if you wish to entertain younger siblings. At the end of each full term we will have an open class where parents are invited to bring family and friends to watch lessons. The only exception to this is our Pre-School Ballet class for 2-3 year olds. (Please note due to our current COVID-19 procedures this may be different so please discuss with Sophie on the current procedures for new starters!)

What should I bring to lessons?

Please ensure your child brings a bottle of water with them to the class as it is important to stay hydrated and any correct dance shoes if needed. Children in Pre-School classes may also like to bring a small cuddly toy to be used as a prop or create an audience!

How should my hair be for classes?

All hair should be tied up neatly for all classes in either a ponytail, plait, bun or similar. All Ballet pupils (particularly in Primary Grade or above) must have hair styled in a classical ballet bun. A tutorial can be found at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J_NYucebYU 

Other info

  • Please ensure children go to the toilet before lessons to avoid any disruptions to classes. There are toliets on site. 
  • Please try and arrive in plenty of time to avoid being late as this can sometimes be upsetting for a child to join in the lesson when it has already started.
  •  If your child is in the pre-school 3-4 year old class you are required to stay on the hall premises in the waiting area. (Due to COVID-19 procedures this may be different so please check with Sophie about the current rules that we have in place)
  •  Please supervise your child until they have gone into the lesson. SLH Dance Academy does not take responsibility for any child left by themselves outside of the class time. 

We are always happy to help so if you have any further questions ahead of your child starting a class with us then please do not hesitate to email slhdanceacademy@hotmail.com