At SLH Dance Academy we understand the importance of having all the information you need to help you and your child prepare for their first dance class and hope the below will help with any questions you may have! 

What should my child wear to their first lesson?

We understand that you will want to make sure your child enjoys their classes before buying uniform. We are therefore more than happy for children to wear their own clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in for their first lesson. Leggings/shorts and fitted t-shirts or any coloured leotards are all suitable for taster sessions. Girls may also like to wear a skirt or dress that they can hold for ballet classes. Bare feet for Modern, Ballet and Musical Theatre lessons and trainers/school shoes for tap tasters are all fine. Once they have settled into the class pupils are expected to be in the correct uniform after 3 weeks please.

View our full uniform requirements here 

Can we watch dance classes?

From experience we feel children concentrate better and get more from our classes without parents being in the studio and we encourage this from their very first lesson as much as possible. However we do appreciate that for some of our younger starters it may be quite daunting attending a new class with lots of new faces and we are therefore happy for any children feeling particularly nervous to have a parent bring them into the studio for their taster lesson. 

If your child settles quickly into their taster session we always try and encourage you to slip out the room halfway through the lesson once you can see they are happy. 

***For the following younger Pre-School classes (Monday 2pm and Tuesday 9.15am) parents can remain in the studio each week to help assist and encourage your child if they need it. All other Pre-School classes parents are to wait in the foyer area of the venue during your child’s class so you are on hand for toilet trips if needed.***

What should I bring to a taster class?

Please ensure your child brings a bottle of water with them to class especially if they are trying multiple classes back to back. 

If your child uses an epi pen, inhaler or similar then please ensure this is also brought to class each week. 

How should my child have their hair for class?

Please ensure long hair is tied up neatly and off the face for all classes. Ponytails, plaits, bun or similar are all suitable styles for Pre-School, Modern, Tap, Musical Theatre and Lyrical classes.

All Ballet pupils (specifically those in Primary Grade +) must have hair styled in a classical ballet bun with the use of clips, bun nets and hairspray/gel. A tutorial can be found at the below link or please ask your child’s class teacher for tips and we will happily show you.


If your child’s hair is neat for class then it really helps them feel the part and stops it getting in the way when they are turning and leaping! 

Other information we feel might help before your child attends their taster…

  • Please encourage younger children to go to the toilet before lessons.
  • Please arrive on time for your class so that we can introduce ourselves and greet your child properly before we start dancing!
  • We always try and “buddy” up younger pupils with one of our current students to really help them settle and get to know the other children from the get go so do let us know if they already have a friend that attends!
  • Please ensure your child is supervised at all times when waiting for classes and that they are collected on time by an adult at the end of class.

We really do hope that pupils have a wonderful first class with SLH Dance Academy and that the above helps with any questions you may have. The SLH team are always very excited to meet new pupils and pride ourselves on creating a friendly and welcoming environment for anyone attending the school. 

For any other questions please do not hesitate to email us at: