Privacy Policy

At SLH Dance Academy we take your privacy very seriously.

Please see below a copy of our privacy policy or download it here: GDPR Privacy Policy for Pupils and Customers at SLH Dance Academy

GDPR Privacy Policy for Pupils and Customers at SLH Dance Academy

The privacy of your personal data is very important to SLH Dance Academy and we will always ensure it is stored securely and processed sensitively by the School Principal and teachers.

This policy explains our privacy policy and the way that we collect, store and use your information.

How we collect and use your information?

When you register for classes at SLH Dance Academy we require all pupils and parents to complete a registration form via our GDPR compliant software.

The following details are collected to ensure the efficient running of the school and to ensure the health and safety of our pupils at all times. All data is kept secure at all times:

  • child’s full name
  • parent/guardian full name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • email address
  • video/photo consent
  • mobile numbers and emergency contacts numbers
  • medical information or other details regarding your child that we should be aware of
  • school your child attends (for use when applying for show/performance licenses)


Where is your information stored?

Your information is stored on our GDPR fully compliant software “Dancebiz” which allows us to keep track of attendance, class schedules and invoicing. Relevant information is shared with SLH Dance Academy staff members and licensed chaperones at performances with us to ensure parents/guardians can be contacted in an emergency and to keep track of attendance. All staff, cover teachers and licensed chaperones are required to follow our data protection policy.

Any paper files/paper consent forms/ exam reports are kept securely in locked folders/filing cabinets whilst at the workplace and at home. Once this information is no longer required it is shredded securely.

How long is your information stored for?

Your information is held for as long as your child attends classes with us to ensure the protection and safety of our pupils whilst at classes and to be kept up to date of relevant performance opportunities/workshops.

If your child decides to leave classes with us then all past email conversations and data will be deleted from our GDPR compliant software.

If you have given previous consent any past video footage/photos may be stored for 5 years after leaving for future marketing purposes.

If you have registered online with us but subsequently decide not to complete the enrolment then information collected from the registration forms will be stored securely for 6 weeks. If we do not hear back from you after that time then we will assume you no longer wish to proceed with registration and your information will be deleted from our system

Please note you have the right to erase any data we have about you so please do contact us and we will do so.

Can we update our data and view information you hold on us?

Yes, please contact Principal Sophie Huntley should you wish to view the data we store about you or if you need to update your details. You can also view the registration details we store on you through our customer portal and you can update this at any point.

How will we be contacted?

Our main point of contact is via email, however phone calls may be made to you in some situations. You can also contact us via our Facebook messenger on our “SLH Dance Academy” business page. In the event of class cancellations, last minute alterations or reminders text messages may also be sent.

Third Parties

We will never sell your information to third parties and will never share your information to third parties for marketing purposes.

We will only ever pass your information on to a relevant third party if we have child protection concerns and/or are required to do so by law enforcement agencies, government bodies.

When entering your child into an ISTD examination we are required to send the Imperial Society of Teacher of Dance your child’s name, date of birth and ethnic background. You will be notified before passing this information on to the ISTD.

When running a dance show we are required by law to make the local council authority aware of the names and age of the children who are performing and the school they attend to ensure appropriate licenses are provided to SLH Dance Academy and its performers.